LARS BAUER - Guitarist

About Me

As a huge KISS fan I started playing guitar at the age of 13, Ace Frehley being my main motivation/reason for picking up the instrument.

My interest for Hard Rock and Metal grew and soon I played in a Speed Metal band mainly doing covers of popular Metal bands.

I was about 17-18 when I got interested in Jazz. Then it was mainly Wes Montgomery who caught my attention and soon Joe Pass, Charlie Parker, Bill Evans and John Coltrane were among my favorite jazz musicians.

In 1995 I attended the Future Music School in Aschaffenburg, Germany for the one year Professional Program. Then in 1997 I moved to Weimar to study jazz guitar at the Franz Liszt school of music  where I had lessons from Christian Rover . After one year in Weimar I moved to The Netherlands to study jazz guitar at the Conservatory of Amsterdam   where I graduated as a bachelor of music in 2002.  During that time I had lessons from Henk Sprenger, Martijn van Iterson, Jesse van Ruller and Maarten van der Grinten.

I have also taken private lessons from Martin Goulding, Greg Howe, Rusty Cooley, Ron Jarzombek, Dave Uhrich, Chris Broderick and Jon Finn.

Currently I teach guitar at the Muziekschool Ouder-Amstel nearby Amsterdam. I also teach online guitar lessons via webcam on Skype.